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Identifying measures for evaluating new models of nursing care: A survey of NSW nurse practitioners


Sandy Middleton, ACU National, School of Nursing (NSW), PO Box 968, Sydney, NSW 2059, Australia. Email:


Health-care reforms in Australia and worldwide have seen the creation of the position of nurse practitioner (NP). To date, no protocol has been developed in Australia to guide the evaluation of this new role. All NSW authorized NPs were invited to participate in a self-administered questionnaire. Generic process and outcome measures of NP services were taken from a review of the literature. NPs were asked to determine how ‘essential’ each of these measures would be to describe their clinical practice. Of the 36 eligible authorized NPs in NSW, 30 returned completed questionnaires (83% response rate). The following measures were rated ‘essential’ by all (100%) NPs: presenting issue as stated by patient; current medications; patient satisfaction with education, quality of care received, and provider knowledge and skill. Our results provide a unique set of indicators with which to evaluate process and outcome measures of NP services. Standard outcome measures will enable NPs to evaluate their service efficiently and to benchmark against other NPs.