• burnout;
  • Hungarian nurses;
  • psychosocial factors;
  • stress

This study was aimed to explore the occurrence of burnout among nurses in health and social institutions in Baranya County of Hungary, to reveal the connections between burnout and sociodemographic factors, and to learn its extent in different types of care. The survey was a one-off, representative sample with 805 questionnaires processed. The questionnaire was an internationally used and accepted standard paper designed for assessing burnout syndrome. The sample was given by nurses working in health and social care institutions in 2001. Intensive care nurses have the highest scores for burnout, followed by nurses in long-term care. Active ward nurses show the lowest scores for burnout. Burnout is twice as high among intensive care nurses (10.7%) than among long-term care nurses (3.6%), and the least is among active ward nurses (0.6%). Leaving one's job is closely connected with burnout (66%). Prevention could save health-care workers from burnout and leaving the job independently from nurses' sociodemographic factors.