Children of Darfur: A vulnerable population


  • Jennifer Chaikin RN BSN

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      Jennifer Chaikin has been a practising nurse in paediatric critical care since 1994. She has worked as a staff and charge nurse for INOVA Fairfax Hospital for Children (Falls Church, Virginia) 1997–2005 and as paediatric clinical educator for INOVA Loudoun Hospital (Leesburg, Virginia) 2004–2006. She has travelled with Heart Care International to parts of the world to care for children with congenital heart defects and to help nurses in those countries develop their skills. Her special interests include paediatric development, the nursing profession's impact on global health and how American nurses can change US policy (both foreign and domestic). Currently she is obtaining her MSN/MHA at the University of Phoenix.

Jennifer Chaikin, 18 Ornan Road, London, NW3 4PX, UK. E-mail:


Four years of intense war in Darfur has created an entire generation of children who might never recover. Children in this region are particularly vulnerable and suffer from issues including physical and psychological illness, malnutrition, rape and unlawful military recruitment. This international crisis is among the most important public health issues in the world. The responsibility of the international community to these children is significant and required to break this cycle. This paper will discuss the concerns surrounding these children, how current strategies are failing and proposed public health nursing interventions.