The lived experience of gay men caring for others with HIV/AIDS: Resilient coping skills


Ian Munro, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Hwy, Burwood, Vic. 3125, Australia. Email:


There is a dearth of research conducted on the relationship aspect of gay men caring for gay men. This Australian research conducted in 2002 investigated the emotional effects of HIV/AIDS on the gay male carers of gay men with the disease. This study was phenomenological inquiry and employed van Manen's approach to content analysis. Twelve participants for the study were recruited. The results produced emergent themes relating to coping with HIV/AIDS, living day-to-day with HIV/AIDS, coping with the last phase of AIDS towards death, saying goodbye and remembrance. This research highlights the resilient coping style of carers of persons living with HIV/AIDS. The research also gives rise to recommendations for practice and educational contexts in terms of the support and care considerations for persons living with HIV/AIDS and their carers.