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Compliance of kidney transplant patients to the recommended lifestyle behaviours: Single centre experience


Osama Gheith, Urology and Nephrology Center, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt. Email:


Successful management of kidney transplant patients requires lifelong therapeutic regimen. Lifestyle changes of the patients after transplantation is the key link between the process of transplantation and its outcome, which is why those patients are in great need for complying with their recommended lifestyle behaviours. The aim of the study was to identify compliance of kidney transplant patients to the recommended lifestyle behaviours. One hundred adult kidney transplant patients of 6 months duration and more participated in this study regardless of age or sex. A structured questionnaire was developed which included socio-demographic characteristics, the recommended lifestyle behaviours of the kidney transplant patients and the kidney transplant patient's health condition and his results from the laboratory tests. The time spent with each patient ranged between 45 and 60 min. About three or four patients were interviewed on each visit. The results found that patients have good compliance with immunosuppressive agents with partial degree to other lifestyle behaviours. The conclusion is that intensive assessment of patients before and after transplantation should be done to identify their needs which help to improve their compliance. The nurse must provide the kidney transplant patients with the necessary knowledge of the recommended lifestyle behaviours.