Turnover rate among registered nurses in Jordanian hospitals: An exploratory study


Raeda F. AbuAlRub, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Jordan University of Science and Technology, PO Box 1894, Irbid, Jordan. Email: raeda71@yahoo.com


The aim of this study is to (i) determine the turnover rate among registered nurses in Jordanian hospitals; and (ii) compare the turnover rate between (a) male and female registered nurses; (b) northern, middle and southern regions; (c) public, private and university hospitals; (d) rural and urban hospitals; and (e) general and specialized hospitals. A descriptive, cross-sectional retrospective survey design was used. A structured interview method was utilized to collect data. A proportional random sample of 25% of the total number of Jordanian hospitals was taken. The results showed that the overall turnover rate was 36.6%. There were variations according to geographical region, health sector and place of residence. Turnover among registered nurses in Jordanian hospitals is considered a problem that requires effective strategies to deal with. Further research is required to identify the causes, and to explain the differences in the turnover rates according to the different study variables.