• child;
  • diabetes mellitus type 1;
  • family nursing;
  • health promotion;
  • social support

de Oliveira IR, Nascif-Júnior IA, Rocha SMM. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2010; 16: 106–111 Promoting health in families of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

This paper presents a study of families of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus, emphasizing the identification of social supports and networks to strengthen interventions aimed at health promotion. The approach selected was a qualitative research, using a case study design. Four families of children with diabetes type 1 were studied, totalling seven participants. Data were collected between April and June 2007, through in-depth interviews and the construction of a genogram and an ecomap. The results presented the families' characterization and testimonies grouped in the following categories: social support, social networks and family roles. To promote care in practice, there is a need to identify the characteristics of each family and resources available that provide better living conditions. We concluded that identifying supports and social networks allows for more personalized care delivery to each family with a view to health promotion.