• Indonesia;
  • primary health care;
  • prevention and intervention

Ibrahim K, Songwathana P, Boonyasopun U, Francis K. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2010; 16: 87–91 The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Indonesia: Does primary health care as a prevention and intervention strategy work?

The continuing increase in the number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Indonesia is impacting on society. Various policies and strategies have been adopted and implemented to tackle this epidemic including primary health-care (PHC) initiatives. This paper describes the current HIV/AIDS epidemic in Indonesia and highlights a range of prevention and intervention initiatives introduced to limit the spread and impact of this disease factors, such as the characteristics of high-risk groups, the decentralization policy in the health sector, and the lack of skilled human resources and supplies in health centres have been identified as influencing access to health-care services among high-risk groups. Revitalization of a PHC approach coupled with adequate fiscal, infrastructure and human resources if addressed will increase of PLWHA and other risk groups to health care.