• job satisfaction;
  • model of care;
  • nurse;
  • work environment

Tran DT, Johnson M, Fernandez R, Jones S. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2010; 16: 148–158 A shared care model vs. a patient allocation model of nursing care delivery: Comparing nursing staff satisfaction and stress outcomes

This study compared nurse outcomes between the shared care in nursing (SCN) and patient allocation (PA) models of care. A quasi-experimental design was used. Job satisfaction, stress and aspects of role were measured at baseline and 6 months after the implementation of the SCN model using validated instruments. Nurses in the PA (n = 51) and SCN (n = 74) units were comparable at baseline. Nurses from both groups were satisfied with their job and experienced clarity in their role despite some levels of pressure. ‘Satisfaction with co-workers’ in the SCN group decreased, emphasizing the challenges of supervising staff. Matched pair sample sizes at follow-up were small. The SCN represents an innovative model of care delivery that is responsive to increasing proportions of enrolled nurses and assistants in nursing within wards. Both models have been found to be supportive of nursing staff. Although difficulties with follow-up data were experienced, this study represents the first Australian quasi-experimental research, comparing two models with validated measures. New tasks such as negotiating with co-workers might create some new challenges for nurses. Hospital administrators should consider the repertoire of care delivery models available.