• caring;
  • embodied enquiry;
  • reflection;
  • phenomenological hermeneutics

Ranheim A, Kärner A, Arman M, Rehnsfeldt AW, Berterö C. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2010; 16: 241–247 Embodied reflection in practice—‘Touching the core of caring’

A study was performed with the aim of clarifying the integration of the caring act of touch with reflection on caring theory. Seven participant nurses in elderly care volunteered as ‘coresearchers’ and performed a caring act called Rhythmical Embrocation, together with reflective dialogues on caring theory. The project lasted for 6 months and at the end qualitative interviews with participants were used to evaluate the study. The findings showed an opening of awareness, embodied moments of presence and an extended ability to act creatively in caring. In this study, the movement between theory and practice was the integration of the caring act with reflection on basic caring concepts. Implications for praxis development are that implementation and reflection by teams over certain caring acts might open the door to an expanded view of one's own caring ability that in the long run will benefit the patient.