• community care;
  • elderly;
  • Greece;
  • home help;
  • satisfaction

Skaperdas I, Lavdaniti M, Dimitriadou A, Psychogiou M, Sgantzos M, Krepia V, Sapountzi-Krepia D. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2010; 16: 342–351 Satisfaction from the ‘Help at Home’ programme in a prefecture of central Greece

Greece is facing the issue of increasing elderly population and therefore local municipalities started the ‘Help at Home’ programme. The aim of this study is to investigate the elderly's satisfaction from the ‘Help at Home’ programme in a prefecture of central Greece. The sample consisted of 300 elderly people who receive services from the ‘Help at Home’ programme. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The majority of the participants were satisfied with the programme's services and reported high satisfaction from the interpersonal relations with the personnel, from the personnel's professional abilities and from the system's sufficiency in covering the elderly's perceived needs for care, but the satisfaction from the range of services is relatively low. The participants were overall satisfied; however, further research is needed at a national level in order to draw safer conclusion regarding the application of the programme in Greece.