• coronary heart disease;
  • health behaviours;
  • lifestyle;
  • sociodemographic

Eshah NF. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2011; 17: 27–35

Lifestyle and health promoting behaviours in Jordanian subjects without prior history of coronary heart disease

Modern styles of living and the accelerated pace of life could direct people to adopt unhealthy lifestyles. Globally, literature indicates that the percentages of people who adopt healthy lifestyle behaviour (HLB) are disappointing. This study aimed to identify the level of adoption of HLB in Jordanian subjects and to compare the sociodemographic and self-reported clinical history based on the HLB adoption level. Cross-section descriptive study was conducted and Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile-II was used to reflect subjects' adoption of HLB. Through convenience sampling 260 subjects were enrolled; 50% had excess weight, 30% were current smokers, 53% had never had their cholesterol assessed. Findings revealed that subjects were not adopting HLB regularly. Women, married, educated, young subjects and having higher income subjects had higher HLB adoption level. Health-promotion programmes are urgently needed for this community and sociodemographic variables have to be considered throughout preparation, implementation and evaluation phases of such programmes.