• healthy lifestyle behaviour;
  • improving health;
  • university students

Hacıhasanoğlu R, Yıldırım A, Karakurt P, Sağlam R. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2011; 17: 43–51

Healthy lifestyle behaviour in university students and influential factors in eastern Turkey

This research was carried out to determine the healthy lifestyle behaviour of university students receiving education in central Erzincan. The population of this descriptive and cross-sectional research included a total of 4506 students receiving education at Erzincan University in the city centre, and the sampling included 981 students selected by a simple random sampling method from these schools. Data were collected between April and May 2008 by using an identification form and the Health Promotion Life-Style Profile (HPLP) Scale. Healthy lifestyle behaviour point averages of students were detected to be at medium level (118.41 ± 20.90). It was established that student's grade, educational level of parents, economic status of the family and the student, the place where the student stays and smoking status of the student resulted in a significant difference in HPLP Scale total score average and the mean score of the majority of subscales.