• dementia;
  • person-centred care;
  • questionnaires;
  • reliability;
  • validity

Rokstad AMM, Engedal K, Edvardsson D, Selbæk G. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2012; 18: 99–105

Psychometric evaluation of the Norwegian version of the Person-centred Care Assessment Tool

The Person-centred Care Assessment Tool (P-CAT) was developed as a self-reporting assessment scale for staff ratings of the person-centredness of their nursing practice.

This study investigates the psychometric properties of P-CAT in a sample of staff working in residential units for older people.

Descriptive characteristics were calculated for each item and an independent-sample t-test was used to compare ratings from different groups. Internal consistency and reliability were examined using the Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Exploratory factor analysis was used to evaluate construct validity. Test–retest reliability was examined by means of intra-class correlation and the Pearson correlation coefficient.

The mean score of P-CAT was 45.3 (standard deviation 7.8). Cronbach's alpha was 0.83. The factor analysis resulted in a two-component solution organizing the items into two subscales. There were significant differences between ordinary care units and special-care units and between various occupational groups, indicating a discriminating ability of the tool.