Welcome to the Journal of Nursing Interventions


On behalf of the Editorial Board, I extend a warm welcome to you to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Nursing Interventions (JNI).

Published twice a year, the JNI is the official journal of the East Asia Forum for Nursing Scholars (EAFONS). The EAFONS was initiated in 1997 in Hong Kong with an aim to provide a regular regional forum for doctoral prepared nurse academics and their students. EAFONS would like to inspire the search for excellence in teaching, learning and research in doctoral nursing programmes; to facilitate collaboration and cooperation among nursing scholars in East Asia; and to identify innovative ways of resource sharing in doctoral nursing education in East Asia. Members of EAFONS are from Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

The JNI will be delivered initially through the International Journal of Nursing Practice. The mission of JNI is to promote excellence in nursing and health care through the dissemination of high-quality research findings, specialist knowledge and discussion of nurse-led interventions. It is a peer-reviewed journal designed to report the most timely and relevant nurse-led interventions to improve the outcomes and impact on patient well-being. It focuses on nurses’ independent innovations and evidence-based nursing interventions in clinical practice. Through a focal compilation of papers on nurse-led interventions, this journal also aims to facilitate clinical nurses, nurse educators, nurse managers, nurse researchers and nurses in pursuing postgraduate education.

The JNI intends to offer the readers a global view on nurse-led interventions. Papers from all places are welcome. This journal is broadly scoped and will publish manuscripts on all aspects of nurse-led interventions, including their development, implementation and evaluation. The foci could be on the related theories, translation of research findings to practice, management of the nurse-led practice and education in this area. The nurse-led interventions could be related to the care for individuals of all age groups or populations with specific needs. Such interventions could take place in all settings and in various models of practice including interdisciplinary collaborations in the acute or community settings, in the public or private sector. This journal will accept original articles, review articles, clinical notes, research notes, conference reports and book reviews.

You may ask, given the huge number of nursing journals currently published, why do we need a new nursing journal? The answer is to champion our value of independent professional practice of nursing. With advancement of professional competence, nursing makes increasingly significant contributions to people's health and well-being through nurse-led interventions. Nurses in Asia are proud of their contributions to developing excellence in nursing practice in the region. The JNI will be a platform for sharing nursing knowledge with colleagues in the region, and other parts of the world as well. The strong team of international editorial board members will ensure that an international perspective of the journal will be effectively demonstrated.

After spending so much effort in the scholarly work, we would certainly hope that our work could be published in a journal that is indexed in common electronic databases, and with an impact factor. This would allow the paper to be easily accessed and, preferably, cited.1,2 As the JNI is delivered initially through the International Journal of Nursing Practice, it is indexed in common databases and has an impact factor right from its inaugural issue.

I hope the JNI will be your choice for publishing your scholarly work. The Editorial Board members encourage you to share your thoughts, and display your research findings in the JNI. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions. You could contact us directly for further information about the JNI and ways in which you could be involved in the future. I look forward to your active support and working closely with you to bring success to the Journal of Nursing Interventions.