• haematological malignancies;
  • qualitative research;
  • spirituality;
  • support;
  • survivors

The findings indicate that there are many potentially positive outcomes, couched in terms of a spiritual journey, to be gained from the experience of serious illness for survivors who are well supported and obtain successful results from treatment. The work is from a qualitative programme exploring the notion of spirituality. The data are from the thematic analysis of verbatim transcriptions of audio-taped, in-depth, open-ended interviews with 12 survivors of haematological malignancies. The results indicate increased confidence and assertiveness, less dependence on the approval of others, greater ability to assert personal needs, increased awareness of body needs, being less judgmental and more compassionate. The positive outcomes also included the gift of extra life, the desire to live life to the fullest, a stronger sense of family togetherness, an awareness of reliable friends and family members, increased respect from others, changes in work values and an overall improvement in quality of life.