The Publisher and authors would like to draw the reader's attention to an error in the following article:

Arai S., Tamura A., Ishimaru S. et al. 2008. Petrology of the Yugu peridotites in the Gyeonggi Massif, South Korea: Implications for its origin and hydration process. Island Arc17, 485–501.

Fig. 3 on pg. 488 and Fig. 5 on pg. 493 should have been reproduced in colour and in higher resolution.

Correct figures are as follows:


Fig. 3 Photomicrographs of the Yugu peridotites, opx, orthopyroxene; sp, chromian spinel; cpx, clinopyroxene; Amph, hornblende; ol, olivine. (a) rounded orthopyroxene porphyroclast in a mylonitized lherzolite (No. K10), crossed-polarized light, (b) porphyroclasts of chromian spinel and olivine in the mylonitized lherzolite (No. K10), plane-polarized light, (c) clinopyroxene porphyroclasts in a strongly porphyroclastic lherzolite (No. UK), note turbid appearance. Hornblende neoblasts are closely associated with the clinopyroxene porphyroclasts, plane-polarized light, (d) crossed-polarized light image of (c), (e) orthopyroxene porphyroclast with clinopyroxene lamellae and inclusion in a mylonitized lherzolite (No. K18), note clinopyroxene inclusion is clear and free of minute inclusions (cf. (c)), (f) crossed-polarized light image of (e), note that the orthopyroxene porphyroclast is free from lamellae in the rim, (g) hornblende neoblast in the strongly porphyroclastic lherzolite (No. UK), (h) crossed-polarized light image of (g), note the optical zonation of the hornblende neoblast.


Fig. 5 Elemental distribution maps of an orthopyroxene porphyroclast in a mylonitic lherzolite (No. K18) determined with microprobe. (a) Ca, (b) Al, (c) Ca, (d) Al, (e) Cr, and (f) BSE image. The area for (c) to (f) is shown by a rectangle in (a) and (b). Note the chemical zonation of the orthopyroxene porphyroclast. Clinopyroxene lamellae are absent in the rim (a,c,f). Analysis was conducted at 20-kV accelerating voltage, 50-nA probe current, <1-µm probe diameter, and 1-µm step interval.

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