Fig. S1 Radial plots, AFT length histograms, and time–temperature plots (t–T plots) obtained in this study. N is number of the grains from which FT density is counted; t is the pooled age with ± 1σ (Ma); Q is the percentage of χ2 probability; Nt is the number of measured tracks for determining each mean FT length; Av is the mean FT length with ±1 SD (μm) calculated by HeFTy v1.6.7 (Ketcham, 2005); Alt is the altitude of sampling sites; and Zone indicates sampling zone. E denotes the eastern slope, W denotes the western slope, and KV denotes the Kiso Valley. Note that zero-track grains are plotted on (0,0) in the radial plots. Dark and light gray zones of the t–T plots indicate good and acceptable path envelopes, respectively. Merit values for good fit and acceptable fit are 0.5 and 0.05 by default. Solid lines of the t–T plots are best-fit paths. Boxes of the t–T plots are constraint boxes based on ZFT ages, partial annealing zones, and previous geological information.

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