• cardiac gland hyperplastic polyp;
  • endoscopic polypectomy;
  • endoscopic ultrasonography

Abstract  Reported herein is a very rare polyp in the gastric cardia of a 49-year-old man. He was referred because of a polyp detected by upper gastrointestinal examination in an affiliated hospital. Endoscopic examination revealed a polyp-like submucosal tumor. Endoscopic ultrasonography revealed minute cystic dilatations and thickening of the submucosal layer. Accordingly, a preliminary diagnosis of cardiac gland hyperplasia was made. The lesion was removed successfully by snare polypectomy. Observed macroscopically, the polyp was 30 mm in diameter and covered with normal gastric mucosa. Examined histologically, the polyp comprised a hyperplastic submucosal cardiac gland.