Aluminium concentrations in infant formulae


Dr K. Simmer, Department of Paediatrics, Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia 5042, Australia.


Abstract The aluminium concentrations in breast milk and in 25 commercially available infant formulae were measured. The mean concentration in breast milk was 49 μg/L while concentrations in most of the humanized formulae were less than 500 μ/L. Higher concentrations were found in Nan, Prem Enfamil and the three soya formulae.

We suggest that all formulae have the potential to be contaminated with aluminium, and to varying degrees in different batches. Until it is known whether aluminium toxicity occurs in normal infants fed these formulae, it seems reasonable to expect manufacturers to routinely measure aluminium and keep aluminium contamination to a minimum. This may be especially important for formula fed to infants with compromised gastrointestinal and renal systems.