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Neonatal presentations to a Mixed Emergency Department


Dr Sue Woolfenden, Ambulatory/Community Paediatrics. Postal address: B wing, Liverpool Hospital, Po Box 3084, Liverpool BC, NSW, 2170, Australia. Fax: +61 2 9828 6798; email:


Aims:  To investigate the characteristics of neonates presenting to a metropolitan Mixed Emergency Department (MED). To examine whether there are maternal and neonatal characteristics which increase the risk of presentation to the ED in the neonatal period.

Methods:  A retrospective chart review was performed of all neonatal presentations occurring between July 2002 and June 2003 to Liverpool Hospital Emergency Department, a Level 6 MED located in south-western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, seeing approximately 45 000 presentations annually of which 20% are paediatric. Comparisons of maternal and neonatal characteristics were made with Liverpool Hospital, Area Health Service and New South Wales Mothers and Babies data, and with other paediatric presentations to the MED.

Results:  179 neonates made 194 neonatal presentations. Compared with all paediatric presentations, the neonatal triage category assignment, admission and transfer proportions were significantly higher, although just over half had ‘primary care type illnesses’. Mothers of neonates presenting to this MED were more likely to be younger and first time mothers in comparison to the general population of mothers and newborns. This study did not find an over-representation of neonates who were discharged within 48 h after birth.

Conclusion:  The implications of these results for practice include a consideration of the availability and appropriateness of after-hours service available to new mothers. Further studies investigating parental reasons for neonatal ED presentation are recommended.