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New Australian Neonatal Resuscitation guidelines


Professor Colin Morley, Neonatal Services, Royal Women’s Hospital, 132 Grattan Street, Carlton, Vic. 3053, Australia. Fax: +51 3 9347 2731; email:


Abstract:  New Australian Neonatal Resuscitation Guidelines highlight the recent advances in neonatal resuscitation. Resuscitation should start with air and only use oxygen if the infant does not respond. CPAP and PEEP should be considered for premature infants with meconium stained liquor. Sucking out the mouth and nose is not necessary. Infants less than 28 weeks gestation should be placed in a polyethylene bag or wrap to keep warm. Chest compressions, when required, remain at 3:1 inflation. The endotracheal tube position must be verified with a carbon dioxide detector.