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  1. Study of the oral microbial flora in patients with renal disease Volume 12, Issue 2, 182–190, Article first published online: 6 February 2007

The publisher and authors would like to draw the reader's attention to an error in the following article:

Takeuchi Y, Ishikawa H, Inada M, Shinozuka O, Umeda M, Yamazaki T. Study of the microbial flora in patients with renal disease. Nephrology 2007; 12: 182–90.

The following author names were omitted:


3Department of Nephrology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan

The Acknowledgement should have appeared as follows:

The authors thank Dr Akiko Ogura (Akihabara Jin Clinic) and Dr Hitoshi Iwamoto (Iwamoto Clinic) for the sampling data. The authors also thank Professor Isao Ishikawa, Professor Yukichi Hara, Dr Yuriko Kurihara (Tokyo Medical and Dental University), Professor Kiyoko Shiba (Bunkyo Gakuin University) and Professor Maeda (Tsurumi University) for assistance in analysing the data.

The publisher and authors apologize for this error and any confusion it may have caused.