• case study;
  • deleuze;
  • nomadism;
  • unsafe sex

O’BYRNE P. Nursing Inquiry 2012; 19: 357–367 Nomadic sexualities: an in-depth case study about unsafe sex

In an era when researchers are identifying increased rates of unsafe sex among gay and bisexual men, it is important that the practice of unsafe sex be adequately explored. While much literature is already dedicated to this topic, only recently have researchers begun to develop in-depth understandings of the personal meanings that people ascribe to unsafe sex. This study continues such explorations by examining (i) why one self-defined gay man engaged in unsafe sex, and (ii) how he defined unsafe sex. The findings suggest that, for this man, his sexuality is nomadic and that what he feels is unsafe sex is the outcome of his nomadic sexuality conflicting with social imperatives for sexual stratification.