Impact of sociodemographic and diabetes-related characteristics on depressive state among non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients


Department of Psychiatry, Tokyo Musashino Hospital, 4–11-11 Komone, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173, Japan.


Abstract  One hundred and fifty-one non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients were assessed to detect sociodemographic, psychological and disease-related characteristics that were related to depressive state among diabetic patients. Depressive state in the patients was correlated with poor social support and low economic status, premorbid neurotic personality and the presence of complications, retinopathy in particular. However, depressive state did not correlate with age, gender, education, serum level of HbA1C or duration of diabetes. The severity of the depressive state in diabetic patients may vary with the cultural background of the patient and/or the country in which he or she is living. In treating diabetic patients, doctors need to pay special attention to these factors.