• human service professionals;
  • rape myth acceptance;
  • sex role egalitarian attitude;
  • women's independence;
  • women's rights

Abstract  Services provided to rape victims by human service professionals are usually helpful but are occasionally very harmful in that the victim ends up feeling ‘re-victimized’. This may be caused by the attitudes of the professionals towards the victims based on beliefs regarding rape and gender roles. Japanese human service professionals were solicited for responses to the Rape Myth Scale (RMS) and the short form of the Scale of Egalitarian Sex Role Attitudes (SESRA-S). One interpretable factor was extracted according to an exploratory factor analysis. Impact of the participants' age, sex, residential area, and type of profession on rape myth acceptance were examined by four-way layout anova. Nurses had significantly higher rape myth acceptance than any other professional group. Furthermore, a structural equation model showing the contribution of sex role egalitarian attitude to rape myth acceptance was established.