This article corrects:

  1. Impairment of story memory organization in patients with schizophrenia Volume 61, Issue 4, 437–440, Article first published online: 30 June 2007

Impairment of story memory organization in patients with schizophrenia

M. Matsui, T. Sumiyoshi, R. Abe, K. Kato, H. Yuuki and M. Kurachi
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 2007; 61: 437–440

The publisher wishes to bring to the reader's attention an error in Table 1.

The fifth and sixth column headings were interchanged. The corrected version of Table 1 is shown below.

Table 1.  Mean WMS-R scores
 ControlsSchizophrenia patientsEffect size
  • *

    P < 0.05 compared with normal controls (t-test),

  • **

    P < 0.01 compared with normal controls (t-test).

  • I, immediate memory; II, delayed memory; WMS-R,Wechsler Memory Scale–Revised.

 Information and orientation13.
 Mental control5.
 Figural memory8.01.46.3**1.71.07
 Logical memory I25.78.015.6**6.81.38
 Visual paired associates I14.
 Verbal paired associates I21.03.418.8*3.40.65
 Visual reproduction I40.12.736.2**5.90.80
 Digit span15.52.912.5**1.91.27
 Visual memory span19.02.416.5**2.31.07
 Logical memory II22.48.912.7**6.11.32
 Visual paired associates II5.
 Verbal paired associates II7.
 Visual reproduction II38.85.730.2**10.90.94
Memory index
 Verbal memory index99.016.680.1**12.31.33
 Visual memory index115.627.099.2*24.30.65
 General memory index105.217.281.6**19.11.29
 Attention index103.311.789.4**9.41.34
 Delayed memory index95.839.981.329.00.43
Memory organization
 Thematic sequencing I13.43.39.3**3.31.24
 Confabulation I0.
 Confusion I0.
 Inclusion I3.
 Perseveration I0.
 Thematic sequencing II12.23.38.5**3.41.10
 Confabulation II0.
 Confusion II0.
 Inclusion II3.
 Perseveration II0.

The publisher apologizes for this error.