Consultation frequency and perceived consultation time in a Japanese psychiatric clinic: Their relationship with patient consultation satisfaction and depression and anxiety


*Toshinori Kitamura, MA, Department of Clinical Behavioural Sciences (Psychological Medicine), Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kumamoto, Japan. Email:


Aim:  To examine the relationship of the consultation frequency and the perceived consultation time of psychiatric clinic attenders with their satisfaction towards the consultation and depression and anxiety (measured by the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale).

Methods:  Questionnaires were distributed to 186 outpatients attending a psychiatric clinic.

Results:  In a path analytic model, a longer session with shorter interval (‘dense’ session) predicted lowered depression and anxiety level of the patientsthrough the perceived satisfaction of the patients, and it was also predicted by the higher anxiety level. The dense session was also influenced by shorter duration of clinic attendance.

Conclusion:  Dense psychiatric sessions in busy Japanese outpatient clinics may benefit patients.