Insular component as a risk factor of thyroid carcinoma


First Department of Pathology, Otta Medical University, 1–1 Idaigaoka, Hasama-Machi, ORa-Gun, Oita 879–55, Japan.


Forty-four thyroid carcinomas with an Insular component (JC) were reviewed from 2457 tumors diagnosed as papillary (PC) or follicular carcinoma (FC). These tumors were classified as FC with an IC (FCIC; 30 cases) and PC with an IC (PCIC; 14 cases). Both tumors were composed of solid cell nests in some areas and had a tendency toward a characteristic nuclear size: FCIC had a small nucleus and PCIC contained a nucleus of an Intermediate type or a large nucleus similar to that of PC, although there were numerous tumors with an exceptional nuclear size. The mean age and tumor diameter were the highest and largest in FCIC, respectively, followed by PCIC. Among the 44 cases, 17 patients died of the disease, two were alive with the disease and 18 were alive without the disease. From 13 clinicopathological factors, the presence of an IC, age, non-encapsulation, tumor size, vascular invasion and necrosis were found to be independent variables for actual prognosis of FC and PC based on univariate analysis followed by multtvariate analysis. The results of the present study indicate that the presence of an IC is an independent aggressive prognostic factor for patients with PC and FC.