CD1a expression in PEComas


Yoshin Adachi, MD, Division of Molecular Pathology, Department of Microbiology and Pathology, Tottori University Faculty of Medicine, 86 Nishi-cho, Yonago, Tottori 683-8503, Japan. Email:


According to the World Health Organization classification, neoplasms with perivascular epithelioid cell differentiation (PEComas) are mesenchymal tumors composed of histologically and immunohistochemically distinctive PEC. Generally, nearly all PEComas have immunoreactivity for both melanocytic (HMB-45 and/or melan A) and smooth muscle (actin (SMA) and/or desmin) markers. Recently the authors reported that benign clear cell sugar tumor of the lung, one of the PEComas, expressed CD1a. Therefore the purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationship between PEComas and CD1a expression. Nineteen PEComas were obtained, which included angiomyolipoma of the kidney or liver, lymphangiomyomatosis of the uterus or lung and clear cell sugar tumor of the lung. Eighteen tumors had α-SMA and HMB-45 expression and 16 had melan A expression. In contrast, all 19 tumors had CD1a expression. The present study confirms CD1a expression in many cases of PEComa. These data suggest that CD1a expression can be an additional new marker for PEComas and also supports the distinct and integrated disease entity of PEComas.