The induction of reproductive cell formation of Ulva pertusa Kjellman (Ulvales, Ulvophyceae)


  • Communicating editor: T. Motomura


Synchronous zooid formation in Ulva pertusa Kjellman was induced in excised disks maintained in sterilized seawater at 20°C, 12:12 h L:D cycle and fluorescent light at 100 μmol photons m 2s 1. Zooids were reieased from mature disk tissue on the morning of the second or the third day after excision. The degree of zooid formation was found to be dependent on disk size and the region of the mother thalius from which the disk tissue was excised. Zooid formation was induced in more than 90% of small disks (0.9 mm in diameter) which were taken from the margins of the Ulva thalli. When disks were incubated together with a perforated mother thalius, the disks remained sterile. The presence of maturation inhibitors in vegetative thalli is suggested.