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Determination of some cyanopeptides synthesized by Woronichinia naegeliana (Chroococcales, Cyanophyceae)


  • Communicating editor: H. Miyashita.



Nineteen compounds isolated from field samples of cyanobacteria Woronichinia naegeliana (Unger) Elenkin were identified. They fell into four classes of peptides: cyanopeptolins (cyanopeptolin B, cyanopeptolin C, cyanopeptolin D, cyanopeptolin 880, micropeptin 88D, micropeptin 478-B, micropeptin SD999, micropeptin T2, planktopeptin BL1061), microginins (microginin 478, microginin 757, microginin 51A, microginin 91E, microginin FR3, microginin FR4), anabaenopeptins (oscillamide B) and possibly microcystins (trace amounts of microcystin-LR) showing respectively fragment patterns in their electrospray ion source-MS spectra. The molecular masses of the determined peptides range from 700 to 1100 Da. These results confirm the remarkable ability of cyanobacteria to synthesize a wide array of peptides.

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