H. Kawai, K. Kogishi, T. Hanyuda and T. Kitayama, 2012. Taxonomic revision of the genus Cutleria proposing a new genus Mutimo to accommodate M. cylindricus (Cutleriaceae, Phaeophyceae). Phycological Research 60: 2418.

The new combination of Mutimo cylindricus (p. 247) was not properly validated (Art. 33.4 of ICBN) as the page reference of publication of the basionym was not fully cited. This is corrected as follows:

Mutimo cylindricus (Okamura) H. Kawai et T. Kitayama comb. nov. Basionym: Cutleria cylindrica Okamura, 1902: 85, pl. 28. In: Okamura, K. (1900–1902) Illustrations of the Marine Algae of Japan. Vol. I. Tokyo. 93 pp., XXX pls.

We thank Emeritus Professor Michael Guiry for bringing to our attention this error made in describing the new combination.