The author would like to draw the reader's attention to an error to the following article:

Michaela Kendall and Stephen Holgate. Health impact and toxicological effects of nanomaterials in the lung. Respirology. 2012; 17: 743–58.

The legend for Figure 2 was incomplete in the original publication of the article. It should read as follows:

The hourly average nanoparticle number concentration in air at a UK government monitoring site in Central London (----- Marylebone Road) shows the diurnal pattern of nanoparticles near a busy roadside over 24 h, compared to a rural location (—— Harwell) (D. Tinker et al. Combustion dominates as a source of ultrafine particles (<100 nm), especially in urban areas.

The authors apologise for any confusion or inconvenience caused due to this omission.