The two species of Creontiades Distant occurring in Australia, C. dilutus (Stål) (Australian endemic) and C. pacificus (Stål) (China, several countries in the Oriental and Australian regions including Tahiti and Micronesian islands) are redescribed, illustrated and their distributions are mapped. Megacoelum modestum (Distant) and C. virescens Reuter are synonymised with C. dilutus, and C. pallidifer (Walker) with C. pacificus. Available host plant information is provided for both species. C. dilutus, commonly known as green mirid, is a pest of cotton, potato, stone fruit, lucerne and other crops in certain parts of Australia. the generic limits of Creontiades and the closely related, world-wide distributed Megaceolum Fieber are reviewed based on examination of Australian species and the type species.