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Swaustraltingis isobellae, a new genus and new species of Australian lacebug (Insecta: Heteroptera: Tingidae), with a redescription of Cysteochila cracentis Drake, and notes on the lacebug fauna of south-west Australia



An unusual new lacebug, Swaustraltingis isobellae gen. and sp. nov., is described from south-west Australia. We compare this new genus to other potentially closely related genera and give details of the species' ecology. S isobellae gen. and sp. nov. is flightless and host specific to the plant Empodisma gracillimum, which may indicate its potential to become threatened if its habitat is subject to disturbance or climate change which results in the local loss of this host. A key was also provided to the genera of tingids currently known in south-west Australia and a redescription of one resident species, Cysteochila cracentis.