Congenital malaria in Thailand, an appraisal of previous cases


Viroj Wiwanitkit, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. Email:


Background: Malaria is an important vector-borne infectious disease. Many tropical countries are the endemic area of malaria. Thailand, a tropical country in Southeast Asia, is the well-known endemic area for malaria. Although Thailand has a high prevalence of malaria, few cases of congenital malaria were reported in the past.

Methods: Here, the author performed a literature review of the reports of congenital malaria in Thailand in order to summarize the characteristics of this infection among Thai patients.

Results: According to this study, there have been at least six reports in the literature of 27 cases of congenital malaria infection in the Thai population, of which no case was lethal. There were 22 vivax (81.5%) and five falciparum (18.5%) malarial cases. The details on clinical presentations of these cases are presented and discussed.

Conclusion: According to this study, it can be seen that congenital malaria may occur in the absence of clinical symptoms in mothers as well as their children. Concerning the species of malaria, the vivax malaria is more common in this case series.