• biographical;
  • narrative;
  • interpretative method;
  • Cesarean section;
  • experience;
  • fear of birth;
  • open attitude;
  • quality


A fear of childbirth is a reason for a Cesarean section on request without a medical indication. The law for patients' rights in Norway does not give women the opportunity to choose a Cesarean section, only the potential to participate in the decision-making process. This requires cooperation between health professionals and patients. The present study explores the experience of women who had a vaginal birth after requesting a Cesarean section due to a fear of birth. A biographical, narrative, interpretative method was used. Through five women's stories, it is evident that the practice of decision-making constitutes a challenge for both the women and the health professionals. The importance of a woman's right to be taken seriously, even if she does not want to understand the reason behind her fear of birth, is emphasized. An open mind from midwives and physicians is required, although this seems difficult to achieve.