Paraffinoma of the urinary bladder


Ralph Madeb md, Department of Urology, University of Rochester School of Medicine, 601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 656, Rochester, NY 14642, USA. Email:


Abstract  We present a rare case of paraffinoma of the urinary bladder. Paraffinomas involving the urinary tract are rare and not well described. They are usually associated with insertion of materials into the lower urinary tract by patients with psychiatric disorders. Not only can the diagnosis be delayed, but they are also easily misdiagnosed. They are usually discovered during work up for recurrent urinary tract infections. Therefore, a high index of suspicion is needed in patients with recurrent urinary tract infections, psychiatric histories, and past history of foreign object insertion. Treatment options for paraffinoma includes open surgical excision, possibly transurethral excision or dissolution, and is usually dictated by the size of the mass..