• bladder hypersensitivity;
  • lower urinary tract symptoms;
  • symptom syndrome;
  • terminology;
  • urgency;
  • urinary incontinence

Abstract:  Terminology for lower urinary tract symptoms has been popularized since an extensive revision by the International Continence Society (ICS) in 2002, however the revision incurred significant confusion and inconvenience among the users. For example, distinction between night time frequency and nocturia is practically infeasible; urgency must be of sudden onset (persistent urgency is an invalid usage); terms are lacking for some types of urinary leakage; bladder filling and urge to void must be differentiated; symptom syndromes are not applicable to non-functional abnormality; a syndrome for bladder hypersensitivity is lacking; polyuria is not defined properly. This review has detailed definitions and confusions related to the latest version, and suggested possible solutions for a better vocabulary of words.