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Naturalizing non-local native trees at Botany Bay: The long-term impact of historical plantings


  • Doug Benson,

  • Georgina Eldershaw

  • Doug Benson is Senior Plant Ecologist with the Botanic Gardens Trust (Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia, Email: Georgina Eldershaw is a Project Officer with the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation, located at Botany Bay National Park (PO Box 375, Kurnell NSW 2231, Australia, Email: This article aims to highlight the potential impacts of poorly considered planting programs which can, often decades later, hinder our efforts to maintain natural habitats in the long term.


Non-local ‘native’ species used in historical plantings at Captain Cook's Landing Place are spreading into bushland. What can we learn from the long-term impact of this site's well-intentioned but ecologically inappropriate plantings?