Confronting a tough issue: Fertility control and translocation for over-abundant Koalas on Kangaroo Island, South Australia


  • Toni Duka,

  • Pip Masters

  • This article arose from work undertaken when Toni Duka and Pip Masters were Wildlife Officers with the Department for Environment and Heritage (PO Box 39, Kingscote, SA 5223, Australia). Toni is currently a Community Development Officer and manager of a sustainable tourism model with the Kangaroo Island Council (PO Box 151, Kingscote, SA 5223, Australia. Tel. (08) 8553 4518. Email: Pip is now a Feral Animal Officer with the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Board (Current address: PO Box 121, Kingscote, SA 5223, Australia. Tel. (08) 8553 2833. Email:


How does society influence the management of an introduced native mammal that is destroying its own habitat – especially when that animal is considered threatened on parts of the mainland, is aesthetically pleasing, and is important to the tourism industry? If control through sterilization and translocation is part of the answer, what lessons can be learned from this program?