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Abandoned Antarctic waste disposal sites: Monitoring remediation outcomes and limitations at Casey Station


  • Jonathan S. Stark,

  • Ian Snape,

  • Martin J. Riddle

  • Jonathan Stark, Ian Snape and Martin Riddle are research scientists with the Australian Antarctic Division's (Department of Environment and Heritage) Impact of Human Activities in Antarctica Program (Channel Highway, Kingston, Tasmania 7050, Australia. Tel. 03 62323589. Fax 03 62323158. Email: ). This project is part of a research program that investigates fundamental ecosystem processes and responses to human activity in Antarctica, ecological risk analysis, and research into remediation techniques and technology for contaminated sites in Antarctica.


Abandoned work sites, disposal sites, hazardous waste and untreated fuel spills in Antarctica have recently begun to receive significant attention. A profile of the clean-up at Casey waste disposal site demonstrates a suite of cultural, social, economic and scientific changes to the way Antarctica and its environmental management are viewed.