Tools for change: Interview with Hugh Possingham


  • Tein McDonald

  • Professor Hugh Possingham is an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow 2006–2010, Professor in the Schools of Physical Sciences and Integrative Biology and Director of The Ecology Centre at the University of Queensland (St Lucia, Qld 4072, Australia, Tel. +61 7 3365 9766; Email: From 2007 he will be the director of one of several new Commonwealth Environment Research Facilities (CERFs). Hugh's research work is cross-disciplinary, involving mathematics, ecology, economics and conservation biology. Because of a strong interest in research relevant to solving environmental problems, Hugh has a variety of broader public roles including recent past Chair of the Australian Government Biological Diversity Advisory Committee, Member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, Chair of the Australian Government Ministerial Advisory Committee on Biodiversity Hotspots, member of Birds Australia's Research and Conservation Committee, member of the WildCountry Science Council and serves on the editorial board of Ecology Letters. Hugh was a foundation editorial board member of Ecological Management & Restoration.