• Demonstration Reach;
  • Introduction;
  • Landcare;
  • nature conservation in a production landscape;
  • riparian revegetation

Summary  This is the story of one landholder's 20-year effort to restore riparian vegetation to 35 km of the Namoi River in inland New South Wales, Australia. Decades of clearing, grazing and weed invasion had degraded the river to the extent that the banks were slumping during floods, with loss of old trees. Methods of willow control and revegetation are described to help guide landholders with similar problems and offer potential solutions. Most of the banks involved in the project are now stabilized by native trees, shrubs and grasses; wildlife is increasing; and water quality is improving. A small local Landcare group started in the early 1990s, and is now undertaking similar work on seven other properties. A state government initiative has also been developed in the area, and a 120-km Demonstration Reach has now been established on the Namoi River between Narrabri and Boggabri.