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Regenerating native forest using splatter gun techniques to remove Lantana


  • Susan Somerville,

  • Wayne Somerville,

  • Rodney Coyle

  • How does one farming couple repair 370 ha of native forest severely infested with Lantana and affected by Bell Miner–Associated Dieback (BMAD)? After their use and improvement of ‘splatter gun’ technology to control Lantana, the once declining forests, with ailing trees, are now vigorously regenerating and most trees are recovering. This raises the question of whether Lantana presence may be a critical element in a complex process of ecosystem breakdown.

Susan Somerville and Wayne Somerville own and manage a previously logged rural property ‘Creek’s Bend’ (79 Toonumbar Road, Kyogle, NSW 2474, A_ustralia; Tel: +61 2 66333158; Rodney Coyle (Regeneration contractor; Tel: 0434 487626; is employed as the bush regeneration contractor on the property, treating Lantana with splatter gun technology and contributing to monitoring of the works and listing of native flora. This article was written to chronicle for the development and early results of a novel technique to treat dense Lantana, a technique that is now being applied widely in native forest restoration in northern NSW.