What is the direct cost of treatment of acute primary angle closure glaucoma? The Singapore model


Correspondence: Dr Jenn-Chyuan Wang, National University Hospital, 5 Kent Ridge Road, Main Building Level 3, Singapore 119074. Email: jcwangei@hotmail.com


Aim: To estimate the cost of management of acute primary angle closure glaucoma in Singapore.

Methods: In this cost analysis using retrospective data, the authors performed a MEDLINE search of published papers on acute primary angle closure glaucoma (APACG) in Singapore. Using information from published data, clinical management pathways were constructed and clinical outcomes identified. For each management path, costs of medical treatment, hospitalization, clinic charges, investigations, laser treatment and surgery were identified and accounted over a 5-year treatment period, using year 2002 rates.

Results: Given that, in Singapore, APACG affects 12.2 per 100 000 per year (95% confidence interval [CI], 10.5–13.9) in those aged 30 and older, each annual cohort would need to pay US$261 741.78 (95%CI: US$225 310.90–298 265.10) or US$287 560.26 (95%CI: US$247 274.04–330 624.84), if inclusive of cataract surgery, over 5 years after the episode of APACG. In this period, individuals would have to commit between US$879.45 and US$2576.39, depending on the complexity of disease and accompanying cataract surgery.

Conclusion: Acute primary angle closure glaucoma produces a substantial financial burden on society as well as on the individuals.