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Biologic therapies for inflammatory eye disease


  • Dr Lim and Dr Suhler contributed equally to this manuscript and share first authorship.

Dr Justine R Smith, Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health and Science University, 3375 SW Terwilliger Boulevard, Portland, OR 97239, USA. Email:


The era of biologic medical therapies provides new options for patients with treatment-resistant inflammatory eye disease. In this review, the authors summarize current published experience in a rapidly progressing clinical field, including the use of biologics, such as the tumour necrosis factor blockers, daclizumab and rituximab, and related agents, interferons and intravenous immunoglobulin, for the treatment of uveitis, scleritis and orbital inflammation. Reports of dramatic recoveries in patients with recalcitrant ocular inflammation who have received such therapies must be balanced against the high cost of biologics and the potential for serious, and at times unanticipated, complications of this treatment.