• AION;
  • microcirculation;
  • visual field defect


We report two cases of anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy in whom tissue blood flow at the disc rim was correlated with the visual field defect. Tissue blood flow of each eye was evaluated with Heidelberg retina flowmeter. Both cases experienced acute visual loss and an altitudinal hemianopsia associated with optic disc oedema in the affected eye. In each case, the tissue blood flow at the affected (upper or lower half) disc rim corresponding to visual field deficit was reduced compared with that at the opposite-sided half disc rim in the affected eye and with the corresponding area in the fellow eye. The reduction of blood flow in the affected half disc rim associated with the visual field defect demonstrated that retina flowmetry can detect differences in tissue blood flow between superior and inferior sectional disc rim areas as well as between eyes non-invasively.