• ectropion;
  • entropion;
  • eyelid laxity;
  • lateral canthoplasty;
  • periosteal flap;
  • tarsal strip


Herein a modification of the highly useful lateral tarsal strip procedure is presented. The refinement of the technique uses an oblique, vertically orientated, asymmetric, periosteal transposition (OVAPT) flap from the lateral orbital rim to fix the tarsal strip. From a consecutive series of 53 patients, A cohort of 49 procedures on 41 patients with a minimum of 3-month follow up is described. The procedure had a high rate of success in terms of canthal fixation over the median 14-month follow up. There was only one case of late stretching of the canthal repair in an anophthalmic orbit, one case of recurrent cicatricial ectropion due to an inadequate skin graft, and finally a case of early recurrent tarsal ectropion. The OVAPT flap further enhances the stability of the tarsal strip procedure, and allows greater control of lid position and tension. The pull is in a superior and lateral direction, mimicking that of the lateral canthal tendon.